Whitelisted third-party software

The following software has been tested for compatibility with Easy Anti-Cheat.

Curse Voice All versions
D3D Overrider
D3DGear 4.50+
Dxtory 2.0.126+
Fraps 3.5.99+
Game Plus Plus All versions
Gameshow / Wirecast All versions
GeForce ShadowPlay 1.0+
HiAlgo Boost All versions
Mirillis Action! 1.24.2+
MSI Afterburner 4.5.0+
Open Broadcaster Software 0.62+
Overwolf 1.0+
Playclaw 5.0 3082+
Razer Cortex All versions
ReShade / SweetFX Selected versions
RivaTuner Statistics Server 7.1.0+
XSplit Broadcaster 1.2+

Open Broadcaster Software settings

OBS Studio can capture video directly from game using “Game Capture”. To make sure this feature works correctly with Easy Anti-Cheat, it may be necessary to enable “Use anti-cheat compatibility hook” setting. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Launch OBS Studio.

  2. Click on the Plus (+) sign to add a new video source, choose “Game Capture” and press OK.

  3. Properties window will open. Scroll downwards and make sure that “Use anti-cheat compatibility hook” setting is checked.

  4. Press OK to save these settings.

Now you can record game video while playing.