End-User License Agreement

Throughout history, several anti–cheat solutions have gained a reputation of being invasive to the end-user privacy, and have thereby given the entire sector a bad name. We don't see countering cheating as a fight based on witch hunts and assumptions, but rather as one based on merit and coding excellence. We do not get involved with screenshots, keylogging, or scanning your hard disk. We are not interested in anything that is personal to you as an individual, and merely wish to deliver a clean and fun game experience to all players alike.

The end-user license agreement for EasyAntiCheat Oy (“Kamu”) services is typically embedded in the game's EULA. The following two paragraphs provide the terms which, in order for the services to be delivered, Kamu has required game publisher to specify to you. Game publisher may have chosen for alternative language, but generally the terms will always be highly similar.