Hardware verification

One cause of system or game file integrity errors can be system hardware instability. Your PC may seem to run completely normally but occasionally generate incorrect calculation results. Easy Anti-Cheat's integrity checks are sensitive to hardware failures, especially when related to the hard disk or memory.

A classic tool for checking hardware stability is the GIMPS Prime95 program in its torture test modes. These tests stress both the CPU and RAM and do tons of calculations that are all error checked.

When running Prime95 for more than a few minutes it is important especially for custom built PCs or laptops to watch your system temperatures until they stabilize so you can be sure that the temperature stays within the acceptable range for your hardware.

To use Prime95, follow the following steps:

  1. Download Prime95 for your PC here: https://www.mersenne.org/download/

  2. Start Prime95 and choose "Just stress testing".

  3. Verify that "Blend" is selected and click OK.

  4. Wait 30 minutes or until you see any errors displayed.

  5. Click "Test" -> "Exit" to close Prime95 instead of miniziming to the system tray.

When Prime95 indicates one or more errors in the logs, the PC hardware is faulty and may need replacement.

Easy Anti-Cheat's integrity check failures are just one of the symptoms of faulty hardware. Other common side-effects may be random software crashes, BSODs (Blue Screen of Death), and general system instability.

We recommend contacting your system administrator or computer hardware vendor for further troubleshooting.